You will most likely want to change the colours of Fleur to match your brand. All of the colour settings for Fleur are within the stylesheet and Version 2.0 uses CSS variables so you only have to edit the colour values in a single location.

Navigate to Appearance > Editor and ensure the Fleur child theme and the style.css file is selected:

You may see some warnings about errors under the code editor window. You can ignore these, they are false positives and due to the fact the editor does not recognise some more recent CSS3 properties. They will not affect how your site works.

At the top of the stylesheet you will see the following code:

/*Change values colour values to match your brand*/

:root {
    --ds-primary: #fee1e1;
    --ds-secondary: #9298ba;
    --ds-light: #ffffff;
    --ds-mid: #666666;

All colour values within the stylesheet are pulled from these 4 custom properties:

ds-primary = pink

ds-secondary = lavendar

ds-light = white

ds-mid = grey

Simply change the hex values to the colours you require, tick the box to 'Update anyway, even though it may break your site?' (don't worry it won't ;) ) and the click Update File

Now clear any caches and view your site and you will see the colours will now be changed.