Ophelia has built in functionality to allow you to add any library layout inside another module. You can see an example of this in the services tabs on the Work With Me page of the demo.

To do this, first create your layout in the library, or create a layout on a page and save it to the library.

Next, in the Divi Library, open up a layout and then in your browser address bar you will see the unique url for that layout, it will look something like this:


Make a note of the post ID number (shown here in green).

Now, inside the content area of the module add the following shortcode, and change the post ID number to that of your own layout and save.

[showlibraryitem id="123"]

Now your layout will be shown inside the module you have added the shortcode to, and you can edit that layout from within the library at anytime and the module on your page will automatically update with your new content.