Step 1.

After purchase, download the ‘’ file from your ‘My Account’ page at or the marketplace you purchased or click the download link in your purchase confirmation email.

Step 2.

Unzip the ‘’ file to your computer, it contains the following files:

  • (the Ophelia child theme files)
  • demo-content.xml (a backup of the Ophelia theme demo content)
  • theme-options.dat (a backup of the Ophelia theme customisation settings)
  • widget-settings.wie (a backup of the Ophelia theme widget settings)
  • ophelia-monarch-settings.json (predesigned Monarch settings)
  • style.css (a backup of the Ophelia style sheet)
  • changelog.txt (details of updates to Ophelia)

Theme Installation

Step 3.

In your Wordpress admin panel navigate to Appearance>Themes>Add New and click on ‘Upload Theme’. Locate the ‘’ file on your computer and then click ‘Install Now’.

When the install is complete click on Activate, you will then see the Ophelia Child Theme as the active theme in your theme panel.

Plugin Activation

Step 4.

Above the theme images you will see a notification telling you which plugins Ophelia requires. Click on ‘Begin Installing Plugin’ and the Install on the next page.

The plugin will activate automatically. When you see the following page, click Appearance in the WordPress menu to refresh the page.

Once the page refreshes, you will see a new option under the Appearance menu call 'Import Demo Data'. 

Click this option and you will then see the following page.

Importing the demo data will delete the first post. On a new WordPress install this is the 'Hello Word' sample post. If you are installing this child theme on an existing site, which is not recommended, be sure to backup a copy of your first post (the one with the lowest post ID number).

When you are happy to proceed, click the blue Import Demo Data button.

The demo data will then begin to import, this can take a few minutes so please be patient and only click the button once.

When the import is finished you will see the following screen.

Your site should now look similar to the demo but with placeholder images. 

You may need to rearrange your widgets and delete the Meta widget in Appearance > Widgets to get your site looking exactly like the demo.