How to use this changelog:

Each line or section which has been updated or added will have a comment above/next to it. Search the stylesheet supplied with the child theme for additions, removals and/or updates with the date of the change. E.G:

Search for /*Updated 01/04/16*/ or /*Added 01/04/16*/ or /*Removed 01/04/16*/ to find changes for that update.

Then compare those lines of code with your own stylesheet and copy any changes needed to fix issues.


Version 1.2 (Updated 20/02/18)

- Fixed global optin form not spanning width of section (style.css)

- Fixed testimonials not displaying on tablets (style.css)

- Fixed extra space at top of testimonials (style.css)

- Fixed extra space at top of posts in blog module (style.css)

- Fixed extra space at top of pricing tables (style.css)

- Fixed pricing table buttons wrapping onto two lines (style.css)

- Fixed extra space at top of toggle modules (style.css)

Version 1.1 (Updated 04/07/17)

- Fixed error in CSS which hid the comment form on single posts

- Fixed initial changelog containing incorrect information

Version 1.0 (Created)