For instructions on how to configure LifterLMS please click here. They have demo courses which will walk you through everything you need to know. You do not need to add any pages during the Lifter setup as these are already included in Ventura, but you will need to set up your payment gateways if you will be charging for courses and memberships, and you will need to configure your courses, lessons and access plans.

Ventura comes packaged with 4 demo courses, each with a number of lessons and you can modify these with your own content. The course and lesson layouts have been saved to the library for your convenience.

Also included with the Ventura install are IfMenu and WP User Avatar plugins.

IfMenu allows you to conditionally show or hide menu items. You may want to use this for memberships, so the membership sales page is not displayed to members when logged in. 

The login/logout links included in the main menu are set in the functions.php file. You only need to edit this if you want to change the page the user is redirected to after login/logout.

WP User Avatar is provided so you can display instructor images without the need for them to have a gravatar account. The images can be changed from the user profile page in the WordPress backend. Watch the video walkthrough linked to at the top of these instructions for a quick guide on usage.

Please note that support for the third party plugins included with Ventura is NOT provided. You will need to contact the plugin developers directly if you run into any technical issues with these plugins.