How to use this changelog:

Each line or section which has been updated or added will have a comment above/next to it. Search the stylesheet supplied with the child theme for additions and/or updates with the date of the change. E.G:

Search for /*Updated 01/04/2016*/ or /*Added 01/04/2016*/ or /*Removed 01/04/2016*/ to find changes for that update.

Then compare those lines of code with your own stylesheet and copy any changes needed to fix issues.


Version 1.2 (Updated 18/07/2016)

- Font updates

- Added footer and login editors

- Added one click demo content install

**Due to the extensive changes in Version 1.2 it is advised you only use this version on NEW sites and do not update existing sites. There are changes to PHP files and child theme folders so overwriting an existing install will cause errors. If you do want to update an existing site please contact for instructions**

Version 1.1 (Updated 27/06/2016)

- Multiple styling updates/additions to Bloom sidebar and homepage header forms to fix issues with Bloom 1.1.7 update overriding styling.

- Added heart icon CSS to fix issue with MS Edge hiding part of icon.

Version 1.0 (Created)