Versatile comes with 3 predesigned Bloom Optin forms. These can be used to replace the homepage and footer optin forms (which are standard Divi optin forms) and also to add a Bloom Widget to the side bar.

Importing the Bloom Optin Forms

To import the Bloom forms you must have Bloom installed which is not included with this child theme.

With Bloom installed, in the WordPress admin panel navigate to Bloom>Import & Export, select ‘Choose File’ under ‘Import Bloom Settings’ and select the file called versatile-bloom-settings.json from your computer, then click on import.

You should get a message saying the import was successful, next click on Bloom>Optin Forms and you will see 3 forms in the Inactive Optins section. 

Click on the cog to open the form settings and choose your email service provider, account and list. After entering your email service provider details be sure to click on the tick to activate the forms and they will move up into the Active Optins section.

Next click on the Generate Shortcode button and check the ID number of the optin form. If you have not created any forms previously, they will be imported with the IDs of  2 and 3, if you have created forms already Bloom will assign a new IDs. If the ID’s are different make a note of them.

Using the homepage header Bloom Optin Form

The Bloom homepage optin form is in the homepage layout and set to disabled, to use it simply disable the Divi optin, enable the Bloom optin, and check the ID number in the shortcode matches with your version.

Using thin Bloom Footer Optin Form

The Bloom footer optin is in the global footer layout at the bottom of each page and is set to disabled, to use it navigate to Divi>Library and open the Global Footer section. Disable the Divi Optin and enable the Bloom Optin, and check the ID number in the shortcode matches with your version.

Using the Bloom Sidebar Widget Optin Form

To add the sidebar widget, in your Wordpress dashboard navigate to Appearance>Widgets and add a Bloom widget to the sidebar, then select ‘Sidebar Optin’ from the dropdown menu and Save.