Clarity has just been updated to fix an error which is due to the Divi 3.0.8x updates whereby there were some significant changes in the main-modules.php file and all modules now have their own independant php files.. 

This resulted in users getting an error when trying to edit pages. The functionality for this customisation within Clarity is to limit the length of the excerpt in the blog module, which has now be changed to a CSS solution in Version 1.4. If you have an existing site using Clarity, here is how to fix that error.

Note: You will need FTP access to apply this fix.

Firstly, open up your child theme style.css and add the following CSS:

/*Limit the excerpt length*/
.ds-thumbnail-blog .post-content p {
      display: block;
      max-height: 6em;
      overflow: hidden;

Next, in your functions.php file, fined the following section of code and remove it completely:

function divi_child_theme_setup() {
    if ( ! class_exists('ET_Builder_Module') ) {
   get_template_part( 'custom-modules/cbm' );
    $cbm = new Custom_ET_Builder_Module_Blog();
    remove_shortcode( 'et_pb_blog' );
    add_shortcode( 'et_pb_blog', array($cbm, '_shortcode_callback') );
add_action( 'wp', 'divi_child_theme_setup', 9999 );

Finally, access your theme files via FTP and delete the custom-modules folder, it is no longer required.

Clear all your caches and any issues should be resolved.